I grew up near Chicago in a rambunctious family of eight kids. Storytelling was an everyday thing in my house: whether it was being part of my sister’s backyard theatrical productions, making up bedtime stories for my four younger brothers or trying to convince my mom that I couldn’t possibly have been the one who drew on the baby with her best lipstick. I was also the family artist, drawing on everything and everyone (Sorry, Danny!). I always knew I wanted to write and illustrate children’s books when I grew up.

Since earning my BFA in Illustration, I have drawn storyboards for ad agencies, produced handmade tile, helped restore lots of old houses, exhibited my ceramic sculptures across the U.S., traveled six continents, and become a mama to two very sweet, sometimes silly, always creative girls who just keep growing and growing themselves. All these experiences influenced my style of drawing and filled my head with stories and characters that are just too good not to share.

Portland, Oregon is now my home. When not in the studio, I never tire of exploring our misty beaches, mossy forests and friendly mountains. I am always on the lookout for secret swimming holes. I love rainy day tea parties, reading aloud to my daughters, and libraries – especially the children’s section (which has the best books and those cozy little chairs that are always exactly the right size, no matter how grown up I become).